My Dog is My Home is a national organization dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond in circumstances of homelessness. Due to a general "no pets allowed" rule within social services, people experiencing homelessness are often asked to decide between their companion animals or shelter. We don't believe this is an ultimatum anyone should have to face. 


OUR Mission

My Dog is My Home's mission is to increase access to shelter and housing for people experiencing homelessness with companion animals. By securing their ability to maintain their most important relationships and find adequate shelter, we ensure every family’s right to build a home.


Our Vision

We envision equitable access to home for all people and all families.

A dog gives you somebody to talk to—I mean my dog is my home—he keeps me warm when it’s cold and gives me somebody to talk to when I’m walking down the highway.
— Anonymous, Capacity for Survival: Exploring Strengths of Homeless Street Youth

How we work towards our mission

By using a capacity building approach, we promote the creation of systematic, macro-level responses to homelessness and animal companionship. Our activities normally fall within one of the following categories: research, technical assistance and consultation, and training and education.

Our Programs:


Tell Stories.

Expertise isn’t just about knowing the data and trends. It’s also about the lived experience. The people who have the most to gain have the most to share and are our greatest sources of information. 

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Share Data.

Community collaboration is key to change. Open source and access to information are integral to any effective social justice movement.


Change Systems.

Systematic approaches that are creative and grounded in evidence are not only possible but necessary to address complex and intersecting social problems.


Change Lives.

Animals and people share a social environment. Helping animals helps people, and helping people helps animals.