Downtown Dog Rescue's Pet Resource Center - A Year in Review

Over twenty years ago, Lori Weise informally began providing services to the homeless animal guardians of Skid Row. The beginnings of her organization, Downtown Dog Rescue, started behind the Modernica furniture company's warehouse, where she organized free spay/neuter, mobile clinics, and distribution of pet supplies. After Modernica moved to Compton, Downtown Dog Rescue also moved its focus to the South Central LA area. After a long hiatus, Downtown Dog Rescue has returned to its roots in the Skid Row community. 

In 2016, Downtown Dog Rescue opened the Pet Resource Center on Skid Row--a place where Skid Row residents can obtain supplies, medical treatment, and other services for their companion animals. Below are some of the statistics they gathered from their year of services. To read more about what they accomplished this year, please visit the Downtown Dog Rescue website.


Service Provided

  • 50% of clients received spay/neuter services
  • 80% of clients received pet food
  • 30% of clients received a collar and leash
  • 31%  of clients received vaccines
  • 25% of clients received microchips
  • 10% requested medical assistance for their animal
  • 36% of clients were given flea medication
  • 30% of clients requested assistance with obtaining a letter stating that their animal is an Emotional Support Animal



  • 50% of clients were experiencing homelessness
  • 38% of clients had a case manager working with them
  • The majority of clients were between the ages of 30 – 69
  • 65% of clients were unemployed
  • 60% of clients were women
  • 60% of clients were receiving public assistance
  • 35% of clients had some college experience or a degree
  • 65% of clients completed high school or up to 8th grade
  • Almost half the client population was African American
  • 27% of clients were Hispanic
  • 19% of clients were Caucasian