Advocacy Alert -- PAWS Act

Did you know that only three percent of domestic violence shelters allow companion animals? Without a safe environment for their animals, as many as one-third of those subjected to domestic violence delay their decision to leave a violent situation out of fear for their animals' safety. Perpetrators of domestic violence are known to kill or injure pets and use them to manipulate the victim to stay in or return to the abusive situation.

The Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act will help bridge the gap between the tremendous need for services for domestic violence survivors with companion animals and the ability of agencies to meet those needs. Under this act, domestic violence protections to include pets, and by establishing a federal grant program to assist in acquiring a safe shelter for companion animals.

Please speak up to protect pets and women from domestic violence by making a brief phone call to your legislators. You can say, "I am a constituent, and I am calling to ask you to please cosponsor S.322/H.R.909, the Pet and Women Safety Act, and do all that you can to support it to help pets and victims of domestic violence." You can also use the Humane Society's form to send an email message to your legislator.