Volunteer for Your Community PIT Count


Want to contribute to change for people experiencing homelessness? Volunteer for your local point-in-time (PIT) count to help estimate how many people are experiencing homelessness in your community. All PIT counts occur within the last ten days of January.

Although most communities' PIT count surveys do not include questions about animal companionship, many surveys do have a space for more descriptive comments or other notes. As a volunteer, if you come across a person experiencing homelessness with an animal, write it into the notes and put it on the radar of your local homeless service agency!

Below, we have included the information for communities conducting the PIT count in previous or current My Dog is My Home project locations, as well as Indianapolis - the first city to include "pet owner" as a subpopulation on their survey. Each city that includes animals on their PIT count survey is noted with a *. If your community is not listed below, look up the local agency which oversees homeless services in your city.