Call to Action for NYC Residents: Put Co-Sheltering on Mayor de Blasio's Radar!

There are currently no homeless shelters that allow pets in New York City - the homelessness capital of the US. THIS FRIDAY, we ask that you join us in asking mayor Bill de Blasio how he plans to address homelessness and animal companionship during his NPR segment #AskTheMayor on the Brian Lehrer show, 10AM - 10:30AM ET.

Below, we have provided sample tweets, graphics to repost, and questions you can read if you choose to call into the show. Use the hashtag #AskTheMayor to ensure your tweet is viewed, or call the hotline at 212-433-9692.

Use the link below to tune in on Friday, May 11th!



  • Why aren't there any homeless shelters that allow pets in NYC? Animals provide emotional support, and times of crisis is when they’re needed the most. #AskTheMayor #SupportCosheltering #mydogismyhome
  • What changes will you make to assist people experiencing homelessness with their pets? #AskTheMayor #SupportCoSheltering #mydogismyhome
  • Homeless New Yorkers with pets can’t access shelter services with their animals. Pets are a part of the family and they shouldn’t have to be surrendered. Will you open pet-friendly homeless shelters? #AskTheMayor #SupportCosheltering
  • There are no homeless shelters that allow pets in NYC. Some people will stay on the streets if their pets are not welcome. What actions will you take to protect homeless NYorkers with pets? #AskTheMayor #SupportCosheltering #mydogismyhome
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Click, download, and repost to your social media with the hashtag #AskTheMayor.

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