CA Advocacy Alert- "Support Both Ends of the Leash!"

A homeless person or family should not have to choose between basic human needs and their pet.

A new California Bill Senate Bill 258 “Support Both Ends of The Leash” would provide funding for California homeless shelters to provide food, shelter, and veterinary services to homeless people and their pets. This proposed legislation will provide CA homeless shelters with the resources needed to offer veterinary services, food, and shelter to the homeless population and their pets.

The bill would appropriate $5,000,000 from the General Fund to the Department of Community Services & Development for this grant program. In order for CA homeless shelters to be eligible for a grant under this program, they must:

  • Establish rules of conduct and responsibility regarding pets and their owners.

  • Provide crates or kenneling either near bunks or in a separate area.

  • Provide food for both homeless people and their pets.

  • Offer the services of a veterinarian, including spay and neutering services.

This bill has the potential to:

  1. Provide California homeless shelters with funds needed to implement services for homeless people and their pets;

  2. Make it easier on homeless people’s pets  receive the care they need; and

  3. Reduce the stigma of homeless individuals with pets who refused housing in order to stay with their family member.

SB 258 will be heard in front of the Senate Committee on Human Services on March 25th!

You can contact the committee members of the Senate Committee on Human Services using the emails and phone numbers listed below.

Senator Melissa Hurtado (Chair)

Email: Phone: (916) 651-4014

Senator Jeff Stone (Vice Chair)

Email: Phone: (951) 894-3530

Senator Jim Beall

Email: Phone: (408) 558-1295

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Email: Phone: (805) 965-0862

Senator Richard Pan

Email: Phone: (916) 262-2904

Senator Scott D. Wiener

Email: Phone: (415) 557-1300