NYC Street Clinic for Homeless Individuals and their Pets

  • Saturday, June 15, 2019

  • 1:00 PM  5:00 PM EST

  • Graffiti Church, East Village NYC (map)

Currently, there are no New York City homeless shelters offering accommodations for people experiencing homelessness with animals. In an attempt to support our homeless neighbors, My Dog Is My Home along with our partners Street Dog Coalition, MooShoes, and Planned Parenthood will be hosting a street clinic to provide free veterinary care, basic medical care, pet supplies, and human supplies to the New York Community. Research will also be undertaken at this event with the goal of gathering valuable data on the demographics and needs of NYC’s homeless human-animal families. This is a One Health clinic serving both humans and non-human animals, a first of its kind in New York City.

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¿Es usted bilingüe en espagñol/ inglés? ¿Usted conoce a alguien que nos puede asistir? Necesitamos su ayuda para alcanzar a la comunidad Hispana en la "NYC Street Clinic," una clínica para personas con mascotas sin hogar! Por favor comparte o llene un formulario para inscribirse como voluntario usando nuestro sitio web aqui y asegurese mencionar que usted puede proveer apoyo bilingüe para que personas puedan acceder los servicios clínicos.

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Invitamos a todos al "NYC Street Clinic," una clínica para personas con mascotas sin hogar! Habra gente bilingüe presente para que los asistentes puedan acceder a los servicios clínicos. Si usted or alguien que usted conoce necesite este tipo de apoyo, por favor contactenos a MDIMH en

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Monetary donations in support of the event are greatly appreciated.


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The Street Dog Coalition-

The Street Dog Coalition's mission is to provide free medical care and related services to pets of people experiencing homelessness. The first Street Dog clinic took place in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2015 and has since expanded to over thirty cities across the U.S. and the growth continues. Their mission is proving to be possible thanks to volunteers, veterinarians, sponsors, donors, allies and advocates who believe in "the pet effect” and the importance of the human-animal bond. 

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Dr. justin lamb-

Dr. Justin Lamb is a graduate of Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing in NYC for close to 10 years.  He has worked mostly in emergency medicine but has always had a strong interest in community outreach and making veterinary care accessible to all. For the past few years, Dr. Lamb has been working closely with Positive Tails, a non-profit organization that helps provide emergency veterinary care for low-income families. Dr. Lamb will also be opening his own practice, "For The Animals", in East Williamsburg in 2020!  As an ethical vegan for over 20 years, Dr. Lamb has a deep understanding of the importance of the human/non-human bond and is very excited to be joining forces with Street Dog Coalition and My Dog is My Home for NYC's first street clinic for people experiencing homelessness and their pets.


Department of Homeless Services NYC Request For Proposal Regarding Pet-Friendly Shelter

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